Marriage Ministry
The Marriage Ministry of Inside Out is committed to strengthening the union of marriage through the Word of God, through fun and through fellowship. We are S.U.G.A. (Standers Under God’s Authority) making a choice to stand firm in our marriages. God fashioned us as male and female in His own image and likeness and He instituted marriage which is a covenant-based union. If you have questions or would like to join our awesome Marriage Ministry please contact Elder Kalvin Barker or Sis. Carma Barker.

IOWC Ministries

The ministries of Inside Out Worship Center have been established to meet the needs of the total man both on the inside and the outside. Our ultimate goal is to meet the needs of the people Spiritually, Financially, Emotionally and Physically. Each ministry of Inside Out provides an opportunity for its’ members to exercise their many gifts, talents and abilities in ministry work. The ministry overviews listed below offer only a skeletal view of the opportunities and areas of service within this local church body.

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