IOWC Ministries

The ministries of Inside Out Worship Center have been established to meet the needs of the total man both on the inside and the outside. Our ultimate goal is to meet the needs of the people Spiritually, Financially, Emotionally and Physically. Each ministry of Inside Out provides an opportunity for its’ members to exercise their many gifts, talents and abilities in ministry work. The ministry overviews listed below offer only a skeletal view of the opportunities and areas of service within this local church body.

This is another ministry that has the heart of the pastor because of the age range.  It is vital and imperative that we meet the need of this group and minister to them before the world introduces the corruptness that it has to offer.  The Gems will include both boys and girls to reach them on many different levels such as self-esteem, academic achievement in school, becoming the leaders God has called the to be as well as fundamental courses in hygiene, peer pressure, anger management and decision making. Although a very challenging ministry, it is also a very rewarding ministry. If you have questions or would like to make a difference in the lives of boy and girls 10-15 years old, please contact Sis. Danyece Black.

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