Who are we? 

Inside Out is also a multi-denominational church as opposed to non-denominational church. Inside Out has crossed the denominational and cultural boundaries and is comprised of 10 plus denominations ranging from Baptist, C.O.G.I.C., UPC, Catholic, Lutheran, Seven-Day Adventists, Jehovah’s Witness to converted Muslims. Inside Out even has a large percentage of the totally unchurched.  The vision is not to strip anyone of their religious traditions but to introduce the word of God in such a palatable and loving manner until they are drawn to the word and to the faith. IOWC truly believes that it is God that does the changing and not man. God is not in to religion but He concerned with relationship. So we at Inside Out introduce the word in love as God commanded and we let Him do the rest.

Who is our Senior Pastor and First Lady? ?

Pastor Rodney Wynn is founded InsideOut Worship Center and began his calling to help provide real change for real people, with real issues, living in a real world through the healing power of God’s Word from the inside out. You may read more about Pastor Rodney Wynn here.

Our First Lady is Sister Linda Wynn. Read more about First Lady Wynn here. 

Where are we located? 

We are located at 921 FM 1960 West Suite #118 in Houston, Texas. 

What time do services start? 

Sunday Services start at 10:45am. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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